NARS #bringyourmattitude

The Metaverse with Nars #bringyourmattitude

As part of our work into the metaverse. We created an immersive and engaging first-of-its-kind virtual 3d experience for NARS. Accompanied by 4 different experiences, each promotes the awareness of the soft matt collection that was a collaboration done with Sephora.


Creative brainstorming was done on how to create an immersive experience that would help promote the collection.

UX/UI Design

A mobile first project, we designed the user experience around the mobile and adapted it for desktop use after.


We coded and implemented "game logic", 3d environment, animation, analytics and 3d navigation

4 experiences in one unique experience

A video tutorial embedded to showcase the soft matte collection as well as different applications.

A Quiz with a special algorithm made with NARS with over 100 different outcomes which lead to specific shades of products

Photobooth where users can upload and download their selfies with special NARS filters which they can then upload onto Instagram with #bringyourmattitude and be featured in the built-in photo wall

A flip-card game with 10 released products as the cards where users can get a $10 voucher emailed to them and collect user information

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